Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Brother<3

HAHAH ohkaay, so like it's beeen foreever since i wrote on my blog. Yes, today is my brother's birthday and he's legaal now, 18. haha so happy birthday(: school's been soo chaotic but i hope the drama all settled down &nd summer's almost here so fuck everything else. teehee excuse my language, i'm just happy it's almost summer but theen i'm going to be soo busy during summer. Finals are coming up and ohmygosh, screw orals ): man i hate orals. ONE MORE FULL WEEK OF SCHOOL LEFT & three more days. so in total: 7 more days, fshoo<3 caannot wait. yeah i'm kinda getting distracted by the internet and i have to stop. so i'll stop writing for now, i promise i'll be back! when i feel like blogging (:
lovee, tiffanychan